About us

The aims of Kcros

  • KCros is a special interest group with a primary focus on the issues of service and facilities for cross country skiers in Kosciuszko National Park. Experience has shown that a unified, well organised representation is more effective than many small scattered voices. KCros has the mandate of various cross country organizations and independent skiers to speak on those issues on their behalf as a single strong voice.
  • KCros exists to ensure that the views and needs of cross country skiers are addressed and met in the operation of and in the future development of the Kosciuszko National Park.
  • KCros is aware of the differing needs of beginners, novices, children, seniors, handicapped, racers, ski orienteerers, day tourers, back country tourers and campers.

The role of Kcros


KCros provides the forum for the discussion of issues by interested parties. It will publish material of interest in a newsletter twice a year and make information available on the internet and by e-mail. It offers individuals, clubs, associations, organizations and the NPWS the opportunity to raise issues, share information and make their views known to KCros and to each other.


  • KCros provides the structure for varied and unrelated cross country skiing groups as well as independent skiers to speak with one voice on issues that affect safe and enjoyable participation in their chosen sport anywhere within Kosciuszko National Park.
  • KCros will identify and investigate relevant issues of concern to cross country skiers. When necessary KCros will coordinate lobbying activities and establish an effective lobby network when and where it is needed.