Blue Cow

The area should be used by experienced skiers only as there are no marked trails away from the downhill areas. Food is available in the centre. From Blue Cow station experienced skiers can plan a day trip in the Farm Creek area. Access is possible on the road from North Perisher or by skitube. It is best to avoid the busy lift areas unless telemarking, although the beginner's slope below the centre terminal is ideal for learning XC downhill technique, is not crowded and is served by a chair lift.

Take care in the area around New Farm Creek where there are some old pole lines that are incomplete and some pole lines that lead nowhere.  There is a copper log marked trail starting in Old Farm Creek that loops around and goes into the New Farm Creek area. There are some old 40mm square poles with markers, that lead from New Farm Creek to the saddle between Perisher and Back Perisher. There are at least three isolated garden stakes with white markers that mean nothing. Access to the western slopes of Mt Perisher and Back Perisher can also be gained from Betts Creek and the Farm Creek saddle. These western slopes provide good skiing between trees for telemarkers.