Guthega can be accessed by car from Jindabyne. There is limited day car parking at the road head. Limited overnight parking is situated about 1km before Guthega  and drivers should have a shovel to use if the car gets snowed in. If fresh snow falls there could be a delay before the snow is cleared. Skiers can ski from Perisher by following the access road through North Perisher and past the sewerage works and a steady uphill climb to Blue Cow centre. On the final section watch out for heavy traffic of skiers and snowboarders who make this section unpleasant and somewhat dangerous. Alternatively catch the train to Blue Cow station and ski down to Guthega but again the XC skier will find themselves in conflict with downhill ski and snowboard traffic. Experienced skiers can ski north from Betts Camp on Kosciuszko Rd and cross the saddle into Farm Creek. There is a hotel serving food at Guthega and a restaurant at the bottom of the T bar in the village.

Guthega is a starting point for back country skiing. The Snowy river can be crossed at the dam or at Illawong Lodge. Farm Creek can be crossed by a flying fox located just below the village. Experienced skiers can do day trips to the Rolling Grounds and Mt Tate by following the Guthega River or climbing the ridge that starts at the dam. Mt Twynam  (on left in photo) is reached by crossing the bridge at Illawong. Extended trips are possible from a base camp set up in the area.


This is accessed by car from Jindabyne on the Guthega Road. Chains may be required but the road is kept snow cleared for the power station. There is adequate overnight car parking. Experienced skiers can plan day trips to Schlink Pass, Gungarten and The Rolling Ground and extended trips are possible as far as Jagungal and the Grey Mare Range.

The Disappointment Spur track is easier access to Schlink Pass than the road from the power station to the pass. This part of the park has shelter huts but skiers should carry and use tents as the huts are difficult to find in bad weather, there is a shortage of firewood around the huts and the resident rats chew up gear and prevent a good nightís sleep according to many of the entries in the hutís log.