Other skiable areas


This information is provided only as a guide for access to the area. This is a remote area. Provision is needed for overnight trips and much of the area is exposed  and can be subject to poor visibility and bad weather. There are no marked tracks and many areas have heavy tree cover and navigation  experience is essential for backcountry skiers. There are several huts in the area but they can be difficult or impossible to find in bad weather.

MAPS:  CMA 1:50000 maps may be used for access to the Jagungal area. Once above the line of dense timber the easiest map to use is Tim Lambles “ Mt. Jagungal and the Brassy Mountains [1:31680].


There is all weather access to both these access points and vehicles may be parked overnight. From Munyang there are three routes up Whites river valley to Schlink pass. Whites river valley provides easy access, protected from the weather, to great touring  country. The routes are: A: Up the Disappointment spur access road to Disappointment spur hut, then along the aqueduct to meet the road below the pass. B: Up the main service road turning off to Horse Camp hut, passing the hut and going up onto the aqueduct on the southern side of the valley. The aqueduct leads to a small dam across Whites River which is close to the main service road. C:  follow the main service road to Schlink Pass.

From Guthega it is possible to cross the dam, climb the ridge past Guthega trig and ski across the Rolling Grounds to Schlink pass. The drop off the Rolling Grounds is steep at the top.

From the pass it is possible to go over the Kerries by many routes. The most used route is to keep following the road until the Schlink Hilton hut is reached. Turn north and follow the creek to its source on the Kerries. continue north and descend into the Valentine river valley. Mawsons hut is located on the big bend. The hut is easily missed so study your map carefully.

From Mawsons there are many easy routes to the foot of Jagungal. However consideration must be given to river and snow conditions.


From Island Bend follow the Snowy river down to the stone dump. There take the fire trail to the left. Park at the locked gates and follow the left hand trail to reach the river, cross the bridge and again turn off to the left until the track ends at Burrungabugge hut. It is unusual to ski to the hut. From the hut it is possible to proceed to the Brassy mountains up the valley or either of the ridges. However it is only good going when there is good snow low down. The valley has thick shrubbery while the hills have fallen timber and undergrowth to contend with.                                                                                                   


Follow the Eucumbene dam road 3 km past Rocky Plains school and turn left, on a gravel road, to cross the Eucumbene river on the Nimmo Bridge. Continue on and after 7 km take a left hand turn just before Gungarlin East trig. This leads down to a ford and bridge across the Gungarlin river. The road is an all weather road until Bulls Peak river. It may be possible to drive as far as the Park boundary. However the possibility of heavy snowfalls must be considered when deciding where to leave vehicles. Vehicles should be parked so as not to obstruct the roadway and all gates should be closed after opening them. Cesjacks ridge and Cesjacks hut may be reached by following the road or by going up Bulls peak valley and finding a route up onto the ridge. From the hut the best way to climb Jangungal is to follow the Doubtful river south to its head before turning west and climbing the mountain from the southeast.


This access usually involves a lot of walking. Drive across the dam and keep going on the fire trail [Tolbar Road]. Park at the locked gate 7 km from the dam. Walk or ski if you are lucky the 4 km to the turn into Adams hut which is a private hut on private property. From this point you can head west, cross the Gungarlin river and climb up onto Cesjacks ridge and Cesjacks hut. From here the best way up Jagungal is to go towards the head of the Doubtful river before turning west and climbing the mountain from the southeast.

Alternately it is possible to keep going on the fire trail towards Bald Hill before turning west and going towards Mackeys hut and on past O’Keefes hut before climbing Jagungal from the north.


There is overnight parking at both places. The usual route is to, follow the marked, Mt Selwyn cross country trail to its southern extremity then generally follow the fire trail to and around Tabletop mountain. [Do not descend to 9 mile diggings]. The usual route from Tabletop is to generally head south and follow Arsenic ridge down to Brooks hut from where there are a number of ways to access Jagungal.


Private vehicle access to Round mountain is not possible during winter as there is a locked gate. However it is possible to arrange to be dropped off at the snowline [ usually in the vicinity of Ogilvies creek] by R S Wilkinsons taxi service from Corryong, phone 02 60761488. At Round mountain follow the creek down the eastern side to reach the Round Mountain fire trail which is roughly  followed to reach the foot of Jagungal.


Turn off the Alpine way 5 km northeast of Swampy Plains Bridge onto the Olsens Lookout or Geehi Dam road. After about 7 km the Pinnacle fire trail is on the left. Park your vehicle at the locked gate and proceed up the fire trail. After a steep climb the top of the ridge is reached. Generally follow the fire trail past the Grey Hill Cafe and along the Grey Mare range to Grey Mare hut. The hut provides good access to Jagungal.


 These trails provide access to the Dargals and Pretty Plain. Quite a bit of walking is involved. Additional information would be appreciated.