Access by car from Khancoban via the Alpine Way or from Jindabyne. Day and overnight car parking is at Friday Flat and there is a free shuttle bus to the Hotel and main chairlift area. In October there is limited parking just past the hotel. Thredbo and the valley are usually clear of snow and cross country skiing is accessed by buying a single or return ride on the Kosciuszko Express chairlift which operates all year.

Caution. The skiing area is at or above 1900m elevation, exposed with very little natural shelter in bad weather and few or incomplete pole lines. Seamanís Hut, the only outback shelter in the area is situated beside the Kosciuszko Road which is marked with snow poles. Snow conditions can be icy and wind scoured. Skiers venturing out of sight of the top of the chair lift should be well equipped and experienced in back country skiing and survival. The NSW Ski Association publishes a Thredbo touring map that covers the area.

Experienced skiers can leave from the top of the chair for day trips to the Rams Heads, Cootapatamba, the summit of Kosciuszko, Abbotts Peaks, Mt Townsend, Lake Albina, Charlotte Pass. There is a variety of terrain from level touring to steep telemark slopes with descents of 400 metres possible. In good snow conditions it is possible to skate many kilometres on easy terrain towards Seamanís Hut and in the Merrits Creek area. For those wishing to do extended trips or look for good telemark slopes an excellent reference is the book "Skiing the Western Faces Kosciusko" by Alan Andrews.